Simple, low-cost, and truly paperless data solutions can improve data collection accuracy and help optimize hospital workflow.

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Automated Data Entry Process Technology

Connecting ANY device to ANY EMR system

ADEPT’s paperless technology will connect any of your current devices to any existing electronic medical records systems.

This allows for real time system monitoring and greater access to important information. Connecting devices, EMR systems, and physicians can lead to improved outcomes.

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Save Nurses Time

Reduce data entry time and possible errors

Increase time with patients and improve workplace satisfaction

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Ensure Physicians Have Accurate Results

Obtain more up-to-date patient information and improve care

Optimize diagnostic outcomes and patient early warning systems

Focus On Patients

Offer focused care with more integrated information

More timely information can potentially improve patient outcomes

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Access to Complete EMRs

Wireless data transfer ensures up-to-date patient records accessible anytime and from any location

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Standard-Based Approach

Ensures maximum interconnectivity by using healthcare enterprise standards with medical device integration

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Data Encryption

Securely encrypts data transfers between devices through wireless connection

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Vendor Neutral

Seamlessly connects any medical device with any EMR system

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Audit trails and logging

Maintains audit trails and data transmission logs for each device, patient, and user

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Intuitive user interface

Incorporates easy-to-navigate screens and interfaces for quicker access to what matters